You’re at a Busy Life Stage, But Ready to Take the First Steps to Manage Your Finances

What's on your mind?

You’re at a busy life stage right now juggling things like kids, career, elder care and even trying to have some fun now and then. But in the back of your mind you have questions like:

  • Am I saving enough for retirement?
  • How can I pay down my own student loans while saving for my retirement and saving for my kids’ college.
  • Do I have enough insurance for each of life’s potential unexpected turns?


To get those kinds of questions answered, you can work with me to create your Quick Start Financial Plan.

  • With your Quick Start Financial Plan you can choose the 1-3 most important financial topics or questions you’d like help with now.
  • We’ll have a comprehensive information gathering session together to frame up each of the topics.
  • I’ll then complete your Quick Start Financial Plan to guide your decision making in each area and give you a prioritized action plan to implement.
  • You can then choose to continue our work together either through professional management of your investments or via a monthly retainer.

The cost of your Quick Start Financial Plan is $750 for up to 3 financial topics.

Investment advice by itself is really just a bunch of numbers on paper. It only becomes valuable when you listen to a client’s personal and career goals and create an investment portfolio and financial plan to help them get there. Let me help you and your family  make the most of your money and create a financial future even brighter than your past and present!

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