You’ve Taken Charge of Your Career – Now Take Charge of Your Finances

Are you crystal-clear on whether you’re financially ready for this career change?

You’ve made the choice to steer your career in the direction you want it to go, but you’re typical approach to your finances may be a quick glance at a quarterly statement and not much more.

Now you can take charge of your finances too by working with me to create a multi-year Career Transition Cash Flow Plan to get clarity on whether you’re financially ready for a career change you’re thinking about or if you need to make some adjustments while you settle into a new job.

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Together We’ll Create a Plan That Enables You To:

  • Get crystal clear on whether you’re financially ready for a career change you’re thinking about or one you’ve recently made.
  • See exactly how you might need to adjust your spending and saving decisions as you transition to a new career.
  • Move forward confidently because I’ll show you just how multiple scenarios play out financially with the variables that life inevitably throws your way. Things like what your new starting salary will be or how long you’ll stay at your current job before moving to a new one or even transitioning to part-time work within your current company.
  • Not just plan for life’s obligations (retirement saving, college saving, paying the bills) but also plan for the fun stuff like vacations that allow you to create lasting memories with family or your hobbies and passions that bring energy to your work and personal life.

Is This Process Right for You?

My planning process is designed to take the financial guesswork and worry out of changing careers and give you a financial framework for decision-making both before and during the transition.

If you’ve worked hard to build your savings, have little or no debt (other than a home mortgage) and want to know if you’ve saved enough either for your immediate needs or your eventual retirement, then creating this plan together with me is perfect for you.

This plan is customized for your unique circumstances. We won’t be plugging numbers into a generic formula that spits back an answer with no relevance to your situation and personal and professional goals.

You will work directly with me to go through your personal finances in detail. I’ll then create your custom Career Transition Cash Flow Plan to enable you to confidently move forward with any career change with professional guidance on all of your spending and saving decisions.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • An initial information gathering session with me. I’ll ask you not only about your finances, but more importantly what you want your money to do for you in terms of your career and personal goals and dreams.
  • A “What If” discussion where we map out the kinds of situations you want to plan for. Things like:
    • “What if” I need to take a short-term hit in my income to go pursue a new line of work that I’ve always wanted to try?
    • “What if” I want to open my own business? Can I swing that full time or do I need to start it as a side business while I keep my day job?
    • “What if” I want to partially retire at 60 and work part time for a few years?
    • “What if” the market goes in the tank for the next few years? Will I still be OK?
  • A customized Career Transition Cash Flow Plan that shows you what your finances look like for the next five years, for the rest of your working career and forward into retirement. You’ll have the financial framework that you need to guide your spending, saving and investing decisions while you pursue your career and personal goals.
  • An action list of the steps you can take to implement this plan and confidently pursue the career change you’ve just made or that is in the planning stages.
  • A package of 4 quarterly Financial Advocate follow-up meetings or phone calls with me to check in on your progress, answer questions and keep you implementing.
  • Unlimited email support between your quarterly Financial Advocate calls to answer your questions and keep you moving forward!

The cost for your Cash Flow Plan &
4 Call Financial Advocate Package is $2,995.

Investment advice by itself is really just a bunch of numbers on paper. It only becomes valuable when you listen to a client’s personal and career goals and create an investment portfolio and financial plan to help them get there. Let me help you and your family  make the most of your money and create a financial future even brighter than your past and present!

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