The Impact of Student Loan Debt on Your Personal Finances

Student Loan Debt – Pay Now & Really Pay Later Student loan debt is the #1 issue impacting the personal finances of most people under 30.  According to a recent survey conducted by Student Loan Hero, the average student loan debt for 2016 graduates is now $37,172.... read more

Personal Finances 101 – YOU are Your Most Valuable Asset

Personal Finances Aren’t Just About Saving and Investing When it comes to personal finances, most financial advisors focus on the saving and investing side of the equation.  There is no doubt that this is very important. You should definitely have a plan in place to... read more

A Simple Household Spending Plan to Save More for Retirement

“I’m Too Busy to Plan for Retirement” Like all of us, you’re busy.  Retirement is a fuzzy, distant event that has nothing to do with running the kids to lacrosse practice or to dance lessons while making sure family members with five different schedules can get a... read more

5 Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make & How to Avoid Them

As a business owner, my guess is you’re quite busy.  Hopefully your company is growing and your days are consumed with marketing your business, caring for your customers and running day-to-day operations. I get that you have a million things to do, but I also know... read more

Choosing a Retirement Plan for Independent Contractors

You Have Great Options! According to a recent Forbes article, 13% of the US workforce now consists of independent contractors.  And this percentage will continue to grow, both as employers remain reluctant to add permanent headcount and employees seek more flexible,... read more

5 Strategies to Avoid Outliving Your Money

Throw the Old Retirement Rulebook out the Window The rules for retirement are changing.  In reality, retirement as a life-phase is a relatively new concept when looked at in the context of all of human history. According to a recent Merrill Lynch publication, from... read more

From Millennials to Boomers – What to Do NOW for Retirement

It’s Never Too Early to Start I’m an active participant in several online Q&A forums.  A common question is, “Am I on track for retirement?”  The question gets asked most frequently by people in their 50’s and 60’s; however, some participants in their 30’s and... read more

When Do I Need a Financial Planner?

Sometimes Seeking Help is Obvious and Sometimes It’s Not Many times in life, it’s a pretty straightforward decision to contact a professional service provider.  For example, if a strong thunderstorm tears through your neighborhood, rips some shingles off your roof and... read more

Your Encore Career Financial Roadmap

Working in Retirement is Becoming Increasingly Common You are approaching your retirement years at an interesting period of time.  You may be noticing that more of your friends and co-workers are choosing to work longer, either in their current field or by pursuing an... read more

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