The Zero Progress Thought

I have become much more aware of the effect of my thinking on my outcomes in life.  I am a subscriber to Mike Dooley’s daily “Messages from the Universe.”   Some are game changers for me, some spark new thinking, some are funny and some just don’t resonate.  

One of the more recent installments was a real gem.  It said, 

“It’s not as if one could be bored enough, feel frustrated enough, or complain enough that their life would suddenly turn around. Doesn’t work that way.

Whatever anyone “is,” Dave, they become more of. And anyone can change what they become by thinking new thoughts.”

The first step in this process is simply to become aware of and observe the thoughts continuously playing through your mind.  If things are really not good for you right now it may be difficult to detach emotionally or even recognize individual thoughts among the bazillion running through your head at any given moment.  

But eventually, as you cultivate the skill of slipping into observer mode with your thoughts, and can separate the essence of who you are from what you’re thinking, you’ll be able to look at individual thoughts more clearly than was previously possible.  

It is this process of separating the Thinking Mind from the Observing Mind that, for me, was perhaps the single, biggest skill I needed to develop to finally overcome years of anxiety, reliance on medications and a massive two and a half year battle with depression.  By continuing to work on this skill (it will always remain a work in progress!) I have been able to finally unlock major personal growth and progress in my life.

As I go about my day, more often than not, a random, negative thought attempts to hijack my brain.  The old me would have unconsciously latched onto that thought, completely identified with it and unleashed a non-stop vicious cycle of overwhelmingly negative thoughts and emotions that would feed upon one another.

Now, with years of practice, I see these thoughts for what they are – Zero Progress Thoughts.  If I choose to identify with these Zero Progress Thoughts, I can virtually guarantee that I’ll make zero progress on my personal and spiritual growth and on living life with the intention I have set for myself.

What Zero Progress Thoughts are you having lately?  Are they serving you well? Probably not.  

Although it is not easy, there are many ways to detach from this thinking and shift your focus to thoughts that will serve you better.  Keep searching until you find the ways that work for you to set yourself free.