3 Money Mindsets to Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow

Money Mindsets

It Might Not Be About What You’re Doing….

As a small business owner, you are always looking for how to make more money in your business.  If you’re anything like me, you’re bursting with new ideas, new programs, new products and new marketing techniques to rush out there and try.

However, sometimes no matter how hard you work you are not achieving the entrepreneurial financial success you’re looking for.  Does this sound like you?

….It Might Be a Matter of What You’re Thinking

If so, it may not be a matter of the things you are doing in your business.  Instead, it could be related to what are called your “money mindsets,” or the way that you think about money.   These money mindsets are deeply ingrained within all of us.  In essence, it’s how we’re programed to think about money and react to situations involving our business and personal finances.

Here’s the good news.  Like a computer, you can “reprogram” the way you think about money and move away from thought patterns and belief systems that are not supportive of the business success you want to achieve.

My Favorite Money Mindsets Author

OK – so maybe you’re not sure whether or not your money thinking might be getting in the way of your financial success in your business.  You think there might be something here, but want to learn more.  A great place to start is by picking up a copy of T Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

I love this book for a number of reasons.  First, Mr. Eker is funny.  He talks about how he used to be a train wreck when it came to his business and personal finances and overcame these issues by devoting himself to studying how financially successful people think about money and act in certain situations.

Second, the author gives you a list of 17 Millionaire Mind declarations that you can start using immediately to change your money mindsets.

And finally, the book is super-practical.  Along with each of the declarations, Mr. Eker provides 2 specific actions you can take right now to begin this reprogramming process for yourself to start embracing more productive money beliefs.  That’s 34 ways you can use to immediately start the process!

3 Money Mindsets for Business Success

If you decide to read the book and you’re like me, some of the declarations will resonate with you more than others.  Here are my favorite 3 to focus on to improve your small business cash flow.

#1 – “I create the exact level of my financial success!”

This is a critical way of thinking to embrace to achieve the financial success you want in your business.  When things get a little rough and money isn’t coming in as fast as you want it to, it’s tempting to start the blame game.  You can blame the economy or your lousy partner or your bad timing or a million other reasons why your business isn’t growing.

But guess what?  At its core, it’s none of those things.  YOU control the exact level of your financial success and the sooner that you embrace this, the sooner you’ll be on the road to achieving the kind of financial success you want.

#2 – “I promote my value to others with passion and enthusiasm.”

This hits home for me personally.  When I decided to become a financial planner, I worried that I was going to need to become a “sleazy salesperson” pushing financial products onto people who didn’t want them.  The longer that I’ve been in business, the more I’ve come to realize that what I do for people isn’t about the specific investments I recommend (although that is important.)  It’s much more than that.

It is about providing people with confidence and a sense of financial security as they face life’s major transitions – whether that be starting or growing a business, changing careers or entering semi-retirement.  Helping people approach these transitions with excitement (rather than dread) because they know their finances are solid and their questions have been answered makes it much more likely that they will succeed and achieve their goals in life.  Helping people create the life they’ve always wanted gets me excited about what I’m doing and jumping out of bed every day!

Once I reframed what I do in these terms, I was able to very passionately speak about and market my business.  Ask yourself, What value am I providing to my clients or customers?“

Once you understand and get excited about this value, you’ll be able to enthusiastically talk about it in the context of your marketing efforts.

#3 – “I always think ‘both’.”

Sometimes “either/or” thinking can trip you up as a small business owner.  For example, thinking, “Either I can bust hump for 80 hours a week to grow my business but miss out on spending time with my family; or, I can keep my work hours manageable, but continue to struggle with money.”

This kind of thinking is a trap.  You’ve set yourself up to choose between two lousy alternatives!  When you catch yourself engaging in this kind of either/or thinking, reframe it into “both” thinking.

Start asking, “How can I grow my business AND have plenty of time for my family?” You’ll be amazed to find just how creative you can be to solve this kind of “both” thinking challenge!

Your Assignment

For the next 30 days, pay attention to your money mindsets.  When you start thinking about your business finances, what thoughts come up for you?  Consider recording these in a journal, making note of those that may not be serving you well, and thinking of ways to reframe them in more productive ways.  Leave a comment below with a new money belief that you’ve decided to embrace or one you’re already using and how it’s contributed to your business success!


  1. LeAnn on January 10, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts and this book, Dave. Mindset is so much more important than many people think, in MOST areas of their lives! Once a person begins to see it in one area (like reading this book you’ve recommended) other areas often follow.

    • Dave Rowan on January 17, 2016 at 4:21 pm

      So true LeAnn! Thanks for sharing this additional insight with the community.