Are you changing careers?

You want to know if you can swing this career change financially. The motto, “Live in the moment and eat dog food later!” does not appeal to you.

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Are you expanding your business?

You want to continue to see your business grow, but maybe some of your ideas cost more money than you have in the bank.

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Are you ready for your “encore career?”

You like to “look before you leap” and want to understand how different options either for the timing or the amount of money you’ll make with this career transition can affect your long-term finances.

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Dave Rowan, MBA, CFP

Make “Someday” Today!

How many times have you said to yourself, “Someday I’ll get my finances in order?” Everyone knows this is important to do, but many people fail to act for a variety of reasons.

Rowan Financial can help you make “Someday” TODAY if you fall into one of the 3 groups listed above or if you’re facing any kind of major life transition.

By working with Rowan Financial, you can move forward on your life transition feeling more confident and with a greater sense of financial security than you’d ever imagined possible!



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